A new age of fan selection software

If your company have a need for fan selection software, Computair can help with their new Web Fan product.

  • Powerful web based fan selection software
  • Extremely fast, extremely powerful, easy to use
  • Location no problem – All languages supported
  • Can be used with all types of fans
  • Can handle any number of fans
  • Standard product tailored to your requirements
  • Can be implemented quickly with no fuss
  • Fully branded to your company
  • Cost effective and easy to deploy
  • Very easy to add & update your fans
  • Contains tools to easily add fan data
  • Creates custom datasheets for your customers
  • Can be used to promote your fans globally, increasing sales
  • Mobile App options available
  • Can be used to also create AHU software fan DLL with ‘one click’

How it works

An overview of the business logic

  1. Upload your fan details using the powerful online tools
  3. View the statistics - who is searching for what
  4. Modify/Add fan details at any time
  5. Sit back and watch your sales increase
  6. (Optional) Export your fan data dll for AHU manufacturers
  1. Visit the Web-Fan section of your website
  2. Enter their fan selection data
  3. Get a list of 'best fit' fans from your range
  4. Use the 'drill down' tools to get exact solution
  5. Download the custom datasheet for your fan
  6. Place an order for your fan(s)

Sneak Preview

There are many parts modules which we can configure to make a solution to best fit your company. An example is the fan chart drill down module below.

This is the classic US fan chart view. A SI logorithmic scale version is also available.

Request information/free trial

If you would like more information, a demonstration and free trial - please contact us.


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